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3 thoughts on “Featured Content

  1. Ollie Compton-James says:

    Welcome To Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird

    I enjoyed this book beacause it was very moving and emoitional and it is clear the author has put alot of research into her book. It is not your classic action packed book but grips you in a different way. My two criticisms are that the lady is writing about religion and for some people (like me) they do not understand that so they will become slightly confused. My other criticism is that there are too many characters to remember and you end up having to break from your imagination of the scene to remember who and what that character has done.
    Overall I give it 7.5/10
    By Ollie Compton-James

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  2. Ollie Compton-James says:

    Booked by Kwame Alexander
    Although some people may disagree with me i did not really enjoy this book as it drifted off topic a little too much for me. When i saw it wAs about football i got excited and wanted desperatly to read it but in the end it was not a very good book.
    Also the fact it was written in freeverse meant it did not describe the interesting parts in enough detail as the chapters were 1-2 pages.
    Overall i give it a 4.5/10
    By Ollie Compton-James


  3. Ollie Compton-James says:

    Shadow Magic by Joshua Kahn
    I absolutely loved this book!😀 It was fantastic, it was not as you would think because it really is about mystery and detective work although the magic gives it an extra layer to really put the cherry in the cake. Is there a sequel to this book? If so: GET ME IT NOW!!! My one problem is that it was a little bit slow to get going.
    Overall i give it 8.5/10
    By Ollie Compton-James


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