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24 thoughts on “Beetle Boy Reviews

  1. Rowan Evans says:

    Beetle boy is a very well-written book with a powerful message. It tells the story of a boy called Darkus, the son of Bartholmenew Cuttle, director of science of the Natural History Museum. When one day Barty disappears, as poor Darkus’s mum is dead, he is sent to live with his uncle Max. Arriving at Max’s house, Darkus goes to school and, to his great surprise, makes friends there. But he makes yet another one when he gets home. After seeing his two disgusting neighbours arguing, and watching a giant rhinoceros beetle drop out of a trouser leg, he befriends the beetle and calls it Baxter. The very next day, they visit the vault where Barty disappeared, and search for clues. But will they find any? And why did Barty disappear?

    This was an amazing read, and I would recommend it to basically anyone! Yet another 10 out of 10 from me!


  2. Rosamund Turner says:

    I thought that Beetle Boy was a great book that was really out of the ordinary but full of mystery and adventure. I thought that the whole idea was amazing. My mother. Brother and i have all love this book immensely. I want to know where M.G. Leonard got the idea from. Does she have a house full of beetles?! 10/10
    Rosamund Turner The Charter School East Dulwich


  3. luca kemp says:

    Luca Kemp Dulwich prep London 8/10

    I have seen this book loads in bookshops everywhere but because of the name and cover I have been put off by it. But when I read this it was really interesting and a bit strange really. I really enjoyed this book but overall I find it a bit unbelievable and a bit strange… I mean you can’t talk to beetles!


  4. charterlibrary2016 says:

    Mia, Charter School
    By: Mia w 7k
    Beetle Boy is a really good, book I don’t want to give too much away. Though here is a little bit about the book, there is this boy whose dad has disappeared and he and his friends make up a plan to save his dad. But he has a secret weapon which makes all the difference.
    I really like Beetle Boy because it is all about mystery and you are always on the edge of your chair. I would give it 4 out of 5 only because I would like to know the characters a bit more. But apart from that I love it and I hope everyone reads it (and it is also educational).


  5. Tyreece Andrews says:

    beetle boy is a good book and it is full of mystery and suspense. It is about a boy called darkus whos life isn’t good because his mum died and his dad vanished. He then goes to live with his uncle and makes friends at his school and they uncover the truth behind his dads disappearance. I would rate this book 9/10.


  6. Lola Sky says:


    This book was wonderful. It had a lovely plot with a beautiful twist. I could not tell what was going to happen next, and I’m quite good at figuring that out.Tthe characters are unusual, and I love the fact that they have soulmates, or rather, soul-beetles!!



  7. Olivia-Mary, Notre Dame RC Girls’ Secondary School, Southwark, London – Year 7

    Beetle Boy is about a young clueless boy – Darkus Cuttle. He lives quite an ordinary life with his father, Bartholomew, who is a widower – that is until everything changes. One undoubtedly normal day, Darkus’ father goes missing after a long hard days work. After everyone discontinues the search, Darkus goes on to live with his uncle, Max. I find this book enjoyable, quirky, funny and adventurous. All the unique characters versatile personalities, from Darkus to Novak, makes the book become a real page turner. The plot was very clear and not discreet at all which gave me vivid imagery (… something I always look forward to see in a book). I love how the morale of the book is clearly shown – ” never give up, be determined, persevere and be optimistic even in the worst of situations”. I find it very admirable how Darkus took the dilemma very maturely in comparison to people at that age. M.G. Leonard obviously knew what she was doing in this book because she showed us that beetles aren’t the creepy creatures they seem to be but are fascinating creatures instead. Props to her!

    I rate this book an enthusiastic 10/10, recommended to those who like a cliff hanging and beetle infested book!


  8. Nicholas says:

    Beetle boy
    It is about a boy who loses his dad after he went missing in a vault mysteriously and not leaving it. Darkus (the son of the missing person)went to live with his Uncle Max and goes to a different school as well…. He finds a beetle and immediately they become friends. He makes friends with two people at his new school. This leads to a story of lies, friendships, secretes and more.
    I enjoyed the book especially at the end of the book.
    I rate it 7 out of 10.


  9. Jonathan Ball says:

    this is a very interesting and gripping book about a boy who has a special connection with bugs and he can talk to them when his dad go missing him and his rhino beetle go on an amazing journey to find out where his dad died and who did it unexpectedly he finds a giant mound of bugs which he has a special connection with as well on the way to find the demon who killed her mother
    and instead meets her daughter who is very kind but her mother is horrible to her so she eventually decides to help beetle boy in his journey i will leave the rest for people who have not read it


  10. Oliver Parikian says:

    I didn’t expect much from this bok as it looked quite childish and silly but I was very suprised by it. It was a great page turner and I couldn’t put it down. I highly recomend this book.


  11. Gwyn Keogh-Peters says:

    Humphrey and Pickering were very strong characters who played a major part in the story.
    While Bertolt and uncle Max were too small of a character and maybe play a bigger part in the sequel.
    I loved how Novak thought she was gonna run away with Darkus and how there was a giant fight with beetles.
    I deducted marks because I thought the cover was childish and it sought of jumped into the story too soon and then it went too slow.


  12. luca kemp says:

    Luca Kemp (again)
    Dulwich Prep

    i really like this book because it describes all of the different beetles, not just in colour but in the way they move and in this book, feel!

    in this Darkus’s dad is kidnapped and he, with the help of his beetle friends and his actual friends and his uncle he manages to find out where his father is and set him free

    i found this to be truthful a bit strange and quirky but at the same time i quite enjoyed it


  13. Katie says:

    I think this is an amazing book, it’s plot twists together perfectly and there is always a layer of mystery below. It’s a book like no other, and the way you grow to love the beetles just as much as the humans is really special.



  14. Conan Steel says:

    I honestly didn’t really like the book in general because I thought that the plot was a bit fake and seemed too weird to properly get into the book because of its unbelievability. Unfortunately I would give it a 6.5/10


  15. Jacob Popoff says:

    Beetle Boy is the exact reason why you don’t judge a book by its cover I loved it if the whole concept was not so strange it would get higher than an 8/10.

    Beetle Boy is about a boy called Darkus who loses his mother at a young age. His father then disappears when entering a vault. He is adopted by his uncle Max and befriends Virginia and Bertolt and a very unusual friend.


  16. Alex Gilbert @dulwichprep says:

    honestly i was definitely put off by the cover and as Gwyn said there was an AMAZING fight with beetles. i think once it started i was glued to it like an xbox i mean yes it was funny, it was, sad but i also read it quite a long time ago and all i really remember. other than every little detail is that it was a very exciting and i remember that i really enjoyed it. (especially when they were in the massive junk yard in the back garden of their neighbours)


  17. Luke Zaleski says:

    Awesome book. I found it to be quite a confusing plot sometimes though. But once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed. I also really liked the characters in this book since they all had their different personality’s. I’d rate this book 7/10


  18. nuno says:

    i loved this book because it was full of action and adventure. i could really picture everything and I felt like I was watching this from a window. I rate it 10/10.


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