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26 thoughts on “Crongton Knights Reviews

  1. Katie says:

    An amazing book, beautifully put together by author Alex Wheatle. This story, about gangs, violence and being at the wrong place at the wrong time, really had me gripping the book as Mckay and his friends’ trouble piles up. Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I really enjoyed it and it was a good half term read. I would give it 8/10.

    By Katie Sanders


  2. Alexander Mitchiner says:

    By Alexander Mitchiner

    This is yet another one of my (awesome) book reviews, this time of a book called ‘Crongton knights’ and is set in the normal world (I think) where a boy called McKay who’s brother is heavily involved in gang crime and whose mother is dead. Life is hard for McKay and ,even worse, his dad has some secrets he’s not willing to tell him. But when a new girl comes to school and befriends a well known girl, things start to change round. DUN, DUN, DUN!

    Like most other Booklist books, this book falls under the category of ‘good’ maybe ‘awesome’ in my eyes. And yet again I highly recommend it.

    ‘I love it’- Me


  3. hari rs says:

    I love the book as it shows the modern day threat of violence. McKay and liccle bit are the two main characters and it was very funny


  4. Jonice Koffi 7C says:

    Jonice from Notre Dame School wrote:


  5. Hari says:

    i love the book crongton knights by alex wheatle. it had an atmosphere of excitement and tension which made it really special.

    rating 9/10


  6. hakim says:

    Harris Boys’ East Dulwich
    I especially loved this book for its funny nature! It teaches us life lessons that,for Mckay and his friends, are learnt. The language may be of putting for adults, however I doubt that it is a problem for children aged 11+. It even gives you a chance to talk to people specialised to help with these problems at the end of the book. I will give this book a 10/10 for its funny nature and ways to tackle some problems.


  7. Oghosa from Notre Dame wrote:

    The book is about a boy named Mckay who lives in a town ruled by gangs and thugs. His family has rental problems and also are still sad about the lost of Mckay’s mother. He also has to go on a crazy mission for a friend to get her phone from an ex-boyfriend who lives in a place where outsiders are considered as threats.
    I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and maybe crime but also to people who like action and maybe drama, as this book is very interesting and action packed. I give this book a 9/10.


  8. charterlibrary2016 says:

    Mia W, Charter School.
    Crongton Knights
    I really liked Crongton Knights it was a brilliant book. At first I was not so shore but once I started it I could not put it down. There is a lot of slang in it which was the thing that put me off but I got used to it and worked out what most of the slang words meant and it was great. I went onto reading the book before called liccle bit.
    It is about a boy who lives in south London but it is really not safe and there are lots of gangs, his friend is in trouble and he has to help her by going to a dangerous part of London and then gets into even more trouble.
    It is really gripping and I really think you should read it, even if you don’t think it is your thing because I didn’t think it was my thing but I loved it. I would give it 9 1/2 out of 10.


  9. charterlibrary2016 says:

    Rowan, Charter School
    Crongton knights’ is an amazing book. Written by Alex Wheatle, this tells the story of a boy called McKay. Let’s just say McKay is not the most well-off person. Living in a gang-ruled area, called Crongton, he lives with his father & brother in a small flat. His mother died not long ago, his father works all night, and his brother rides the streets at night, tempting trouble. His two friends (Lemar “Liccle bit” and Jonah “rapid J) are the only people that are open to him. His family have a lot of secrets that they haven’t told him, as he’s the youngest.

    When Liccle Bit offers to help the girl he loves from afar on a mission to get her phone back (her ex-boyfriend Sergio stole it), McKay and Jonah offer to help without even thinking about it. Now embarking on a dangerous mission on the gang-ruled streets of Crongton, where will fate take poor McKay?

    I LOVED this book. I would recommend it to any person over the age of 12, but be careful: it has some upsetting scenes and swear words. Overall, a great read, one I would rate (as always) 5 stars.


  10. Nicholas says:

    Crongton knights
    This is about a boy called McKay getting caught up in gangs. One day his friend said that his girlfriend had lost her phone to her old crush. And they plan to go and get the phone back. But McKay has a brother who is in kind of gang. And nestor’s (McKay’s brother) bike gets stolen by a gang. He goes along with his mates and gets the phone back in secret. They will have to go on a perilous journey to get the phone back into safe hands. McKay almost backs out in the end but he still decides to go. They get the phone back safely but will they get home safely? Read it to find out………………………………………………………………….
    I rate it 10 out of 10.


  11. Jonathan Ball says:

    i think Crongton Knights is 6/10, it is a really slow moving book that takes quite a lot of effort and time to read. At points it is boring and just dialogue and the storyline is quite weak i don’t recommend this book to younger readers because there are some rude words that maybe kids under 10 shouldn’t read it.


    • Freddie Woolf says:

      This book is a reall page turner as it talks about things which are happening around us. It had you feeling like you were there when in the book. 10/10


  12. Gwyn Keogh-Peters says:

    Was a very good book with some amazing metaphors and some very strong characters.
    I think that on the blurb Alex did not need to add facing a friend’s crazy ex boyfriend when they only spend like 1-2 pages with him.
    Gonna get the next book right away!
    I also think that Nesta is gonna make a strong appearance in the next book and is gonna get in a heap of trouble.


  13. Morenikeji says:

    Morenikeji from Notre Dame

    Crongton Knights is a story which follows the life of McKay, who lives in Crongton with his father and his brother Nesta. One of McKay’s friends, Liccle Bit, offers to help a girl he likes to retrieve her phone from her ex-boyfriend. They then have to face a perilous journey which involves violence, a gang, and a shady taxi driver.

    At first, I found this book a little difficult to read, as it was full of colloquialisms, but as I read on, I learned what some of them meant. I especially like how this book had a different viewpoint – it reflects what it’s like to live in an area where crime is prevalent. Truly, the message is about sticking with your friends and family even if it’s difficult.

    I give this book 8.8/10.


  14. Conan Steel says:

    I liked the book although it did not top my favourite, Wolf Wilder, because I thought it was very violent but a very good read. I would give it a 7.5/10


  15. Iris says:

    charter school east Dulwich
    crongton knights is a great book with such great meaning and heart I did feel however some of the content though incredibly important maybe not appropriate for the age of children reading it however I did like that it was so relatable and had places I knew



  16. Jacob Popoff says:

    Crongton Knights was a different kind of book to what I normally read. Whilst I’m used to Fantasy this is a breath of reality.
    Crongton Knights is about a boy called McKay whos friend’s girl’s ex took his friend’s girl’s phone. The story is made from their journey to get the phone back. At home his family is in high debt and is family is hiding secrets from him.


  17. Rishi says:

    I really liked this book and voted for it because it was a fictional book based on real life and the language and description was also very good and helped bring this book to life. 81/2 /10


  18. Crongton Knights is such a compelling book about a young boy – McKay who lives with his brother Nesta and father Mr Tambo in a house in South Crongton. After his brother flees the nest, he meets Venetia whose phone has been jacked and teams up to get it back and find out the truth about his father. I have found this book to be: brilliant, tough and heartbreaking with a twist of modern day slang. Each character clearly plays a role to complement the plot, by adding such versatile and unique characters to the once isolated protagonist. I found that the meaning of the book really came through and it wasn’t discreet at all. Great imagery and good imagination – a real tick of my list in a book. It might not some people’s cup of tea but it is certainly mine. I adore the fact that the morale is told easily and you do not have to read between the lines-” NEVER GIVE UP A FIGHT UNTIL THE FIGHT HAS GIVEN UP!” which I think McKay accomplished in this novel very well. He did really well to work together with people considering that people of his age would probably do the contradictory of that and take it upon themselves. Alex Wheatle is such an inspiring author. Well written!

    I rate this book a 10/10 – recommended to those who like a modern-twist on such a well told story.


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