Shadow Magic

©Scholastic Films UK


Author: Joshua Khan

Publisher: Scholastic


One Slave Boy

One Princess of Darkness

Six Houses of Magic

Thorn, an outlaw’s son, wasn’t supposed to be a slave. He’s been sold to an executioner, and they’re headed for Gehenna, land of the undead.

Lilith Shadow wasn’t supposed to be ruler of Gehenna. Following the murder of her family, she has become the last in a long line of sorcerers and the only surviving member of House Shadow.

When Lilith is targeted by a ruthless assassin, she and Thorn find themselves sucked into a dangerous world of monsters and dark magic.


4 thoughts on “Shadow Magic

  1. Jago Solloway DPL says:

    When I started to read this book I had no idea how clever and detailed the book would be with its fantastic descriptions. I found it great how pompous Gabriel was and how funny Thorn can be.The only put down I could find was the era as it confused me but I guess thats just what fantasies are like, thank you for such a good book. 10/10


  2. Thomas Grundy says:

    Thomas Grundy
    Dulwich Prep London

    I absolutely loved this book which I coincidentally read before it was put on the book list but I still remember how entrancing the story was and how thorn goes from slave, to best friend of the princess of the house of Gehenna and apprentice to executioner to Tyburn. Thorn is a lovable character that you always feel up yourself rooting for despite the odds sometimes against him. The author cleverly brings inequality into this story by stating that women or girls were not allowed to use magic and although this was the unfair law, Lilith still found herself breaking it which brings an element of humour into it.
    I rate it 9 1/2 out of ten


  3. Louis Hogg, DPL says:

    I loved this book, I found that the way Joshua Khan has intertwined all the characters is very clever. Every character has their own back story and their own origin on the map of Gehenna and yet he has managed to converge all the characters into one area: Castle Gloom. I also felt that this book was almost written like a murder mystery: there was deceit, lies and a double crossing and yet like all good murder mysteries the killer was not who you expected them to be. Furthermore the descriptions were excellently balanced – not overdoing it, but not too little, just enough for my own vision and the discription to work together. I disliked the pictures, the artwork was good but I like making my own visions of the characters. Overall I give this book an 8/10.


  4. Khiani Ofuyaekpone-Shombe Dulwich Prep London says:

    I must say that when I heard the title shadow magic I was grabbed to it but it was not what I had expected. I like reading books that start off fast so I am sucked it to it straight away (like Gone Series by Michael Grant) . But for my liking Shadow magic took too long and by then I had put the book down. The language was fascinating but the story moved too slow for me. I would rate it a 6/10


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