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24 thoughts on “The Novice Reviews

  1. Jonathan Ball says:

    Jonathan Ball 8/10
    This book follow a really good storyline about Fletcher, an apprentice blacksmith who doesn’t realise how big his future really is. He is helped by elves and dwarves in his journey to victory
    I was attached to this book for the whole summer.


  2. Nuno Priestman says:

    I enjoyed this book because it was an adventure I won’t soon forget. I could see everything as if I was there. I could not put it down so I rate it 10 out of 10.


  3. Nicholas Mitchiner says:

    The Novice!
    Book review
    It is about a boy called Fletcher who is an apprentice of a blacksmith but, has an arch enemy in the village whose father is rich. Then one day some travellers enter the village and one of them is a solider going to the front lines, who has a special book you use to summon monsters from another world. But when he summons the monster it attacks his arch enemy. Then goes on the run. He finds an academy for people like himself. If he wins the tournament he will become an officer at the southern fronts.
    But you will have to read the book to find out what happens?
    10 out of 10


  4. dulwichpreplibrary says:

    Luca Kemp, Dulwich Prep.
    I have NO words. This book is amazing. It’s the new Harry Potter and I couldn’t sop reading it. It was a page-turner and exciting. I mean – who knew that Ignatius could walk on ceilings?!


  5. Alexander Mitchiner says:

    By Alexander Mitchiner

    The novice is the first book from the summoner series, and right now the only one (I think so, the second might of just come out). It is set in a fictional world and located in a small town called Pelt, to begin with. The story is concentrated on a teenage boy named Fletcher who is a bit of an outsider and taken in as a baby by a kind blacksmith called Berdon, as he was abandoned by his parents.

    I found this book an amazing read and advise any decent readers to try it out sometime.

    ‘A pretty decent read (awesome)’-Me



  6. luca kemp says:

    luca kemp dpl 10/10 IF U DON’T LIKE SPOILERS DON’T READ THIS

    BEST BOOK EVER, apart from hp of course. I think that this book was amazing it gets you to keep the page turning and there are new surprises everywhere. I mean who knew that Ignatius could walk on walls or MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT have healing powers , its just amazing.


    • Freddie Woolf says:

      Best book it’s like lord of the rings and Harry Potter combined. It is going to be huge. My one problem with the book is that lots of the character names are similar but other than that it’s brilliant. I red the second one to


  7. Coco Judd says:

    I think this is a very good book. The only bad bit was the beginning which had a very slow start but after that I was attached to it.


  8. Junayd Saeed
    Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich

    I think that this book is a Fantasy. I think this because the things that happen in this book are not of what is in our world. The novice is a book that is slow-paced but also gripping. It makes you want to carry on until the very end. I would say that the end of the book is the best part because it is a cliff-hanger. I did not enjoy the book but others say that it is good and exciting. I would give it a 7 out of 10.


  9. charterlibrary2016 says:

    Rowan, The Charter School
    The novice is the first book in the “summoner” series. This book tells the story of Fletcher, an orphaned boy left at the gate of a village known as pelt. Taken in by the local blacksmith, Berdon, Fletcher is raised as a blacksmith’s apprentice, making friends and enemies alike.

    When the book starts, there is an orc war going on, with some particular people (summoners) on the front line. These summoners have magical powers that enable them to summon rare demons. One dark night, Fletcher finds that he has this power himself, after he accidentally summons a rare “salamander” demon. After this demon nearly kills a person, Fletcher must run away. Reaching the city of Corcillum, he chances to stumble upon a summoner, who immediately tells him he must attend Vocans academy for summoners. Here he will learn the basic skills of a summoners, but is he really worth it?

    I think this book was amazing, and a great read for anyone craving a Harry Potter-esque or who just loves this kind of theme. Altogether an AMAZING read.


  10. charterlibrary2016 says:

    Mia, The Charter School
    The novice is not the best book I have ever read and would not usually choose to read it. But this definitely doesn’t mean that you should not read it. If you like fantasy books with a complicated plot then this is the book for you. It is all about a boy who lives with his ’father’ and how he does something wrong so he has to leave but he has a companion who goe3s with him….
    It is a book where you need to stay with it to really enjoy it. It is really interesting if it is your thing so I would give it a 6 out of 10.


  11. Jonice says:

    I WANT…….
    Jonice Notre Dame


  12. Michella from Notre Dame says:

    The book was great at first with a powerful start but then I started to get bored.It might just be me but hope that everyone else loved it!

    I give this book 4/10


  13. Gwyn Keogh-Peters says:

    9/10 forever
    It is the new and up to date Harry Potter i mean like how can you not like it.
    It has Action, Humour and even a dwarf.
    The plot is unpredictable as old friends betray him *spoiler* i thought he was really close with Rory and Genieve.
    And the nobles are a great addition
    *spoiler* the ending is just so annoying and good at the same time i mean i can’t believe he got arrested, but then it makes you want to read on!


  14. Jack Gardner says:

    The Novice was an amazing book, I loved the aspect of magic in it. The demons and the different species made it all the better. Amazing fantasy book. 9/10


  15. Martin Capello Buisan says:

    This book has it all. It’s a mix of Lord of the rings, Pokémon and Harry Potter. It’s simply incredible. Ignatius is so cool and the book sucks you into a world of magic. The demons are awesome, Also having Elves, Dwarves and Orcs makes it an interesting war. 10/10. A great read.


  16. Oliver Parikian says:

    Seriously one of the best books I have ever read. I love the way Fletcher has no idea that he could be a magician. I have read the inquisition and loved that as well. I asked my librarian if I could reserve the third one in advance and she said that three people had already asked her.

    Can’t wait for the third one.



  17. luca kemp says:

    Luca Kemp (again)

    Dulwich Prep

    i loved this book i think that it has a brilliant plot with different fights or quarrels surfacing just when you get their trust, just like Fletcher.

    This is about a young man who is taken in by a blacksmith (berdon) and once he has a fight with the son of the wealthy man of the village (not turning out well for the son) he realises that he must leave, not on his own though, while he was hiding he somehow managed to summon a demon (ignatius)
    he moves on to vocans academy where he learns to use magic and excell to higher grade stuff

    i cannot say any more for fear of being a spoiler bye

    great book


  18. Conan Steel says:

    I loved the Novice because of its great plot, its great flow and overall just goodness. I really enjoyed this book and l am very excited to read The Inquisition. 9/10


  19. Jacob Popoff says:

    I enjoyed the Novice a lot. I found it sort of realistic apart from the demons and the magic.

    The Novice is about a young boy called Fletcher who is adopted by a blacksmith called Berdon he gets into a fight with the village moneylenders son (Didric) this leads to him deciding to leave Pelt his hometown. He runs to Vocans Academy and learns how to control his demon Ignatius.
    I have read on in the series and I think the Inquisition was even better. I cannot wait for the last book which is coming out in early March


  20. Alex Gilbert @dulwichprep says:

    I cannot praise this book more! it is exciting, magical and sad at the same time. i think it is a very good themed book which hooked me onto it by the very first word. i think it is very well constructed. the character has a very mysterious background and he only finds out the truth about him in the second book. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! he goes into the magical world where the demons come from and he is trapped there until the next book. can’t wait. 🙂 this book made me want to read other sorts of books because i do not really read fantasy. Anyway the only bad part of this book is that the “bad guy” Didric follows him everywhere and turns out to always know where he is and so it is not predictable but i think that Didric should have been a smaller part of the story.

    but for an amazing book


  21. Luke Zaleski says:

    I found this book amazing and thrilling I couldn’t tear myself away from it. I loved Fletcher as a character I’d rate it. The plot is so good how Fletcher discovers he is a summoner and then has to run away to not be put in prison then he joins Vocans Academy. This book also leaves you on a cool cliff hanger since he was arrested for murder on the last sentence.10/10 favorite book so far I’ve read!!


  22. Rishi says:

    I really loved this book, it just had everything from racial divides to politics as well as sucking you in to a world of magic as just making you want to turn the page again and again. 9/10


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