The Wolf Wilder Reviews

29 thoughts on “The Wolf Wilder Reviews

  1. Coco Judd says:

    I think this book is really good but it gets off to a very slow start. In the middle it is quite easy to lose track of and it gets quite boring but in the end it is very tense and you just can’t put it down. In conclusion it is an extremely good book but has a bit of a slow start. I would give this book a 8 out of 10

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  2. Edith Roper says:

    Edith Roper The Charter School East Dulwich 8/10
    This is a fantastic book filled with mystery, adventure and lovable characters. The idea around it is immense. It follows a mother and daughter who live their lives in a Russian forest taking in the wolves that rich people have tamed and turning them wild again. The rich people have taken the wolves at birth and tamed them. At a certain point in the wolves lives they start acting wild and this is when they are sent to the wolf wilders. Unfortunately the wild wolves are hunting on land owned by General Rakov who decides that Feodora, the main character, and her mother are to blame and need to control the wolves or else there will be consequences. I would recommend this to all. The story line is a sure captivator and you will be glued to the book. With the help of Grey, White and Black good enemies who turn to be friends and a determination and resilience unseen in any other young girl. A gold tipped favorite.

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  3. Nicholas Mitchiner says:

    Wolf Wilder
    Book review
    By Nicholas M………………………………………………………………………

    It is about a girl [Feo] who wilds wolfs that were tamed for a living with her mother. But one day some soldiers come and warn them that if they don’t stop wilding the wolfs they will go to prison. The head of the soldiers [Rakov] sends some of the cadets to see if they are wilding wolfs. When she tends[wilds] one of the wolfs a boy [Ilva] a cadet sees them and is about to call for his mates when he changes his mind and now helps Feo. But then some soldiers come they take her mother and burn the house. They escape together and go and find Feo’s mum. On her way they meet a person in a snow storm who lets them stay the night at there house. He persuaded them to go to another village where they rebel against Rakov and the king.
    Will they break into the prison and get Feo’s mother back?
    10 out of 10

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  4. Rowan Evans says:

    This book is truly beautiful. In it we follow Russian wolf wilder Feodora who embarks on a dangerous quest
    to save her mother from the evil forces of the oblivious tsar. Now what is a wolf wilder, I hear you ask? Well, a hundered years ago in Russia, wolves were house-bred and kept as pets by senseless, rich people. Of course, there comes a time where the wolf bites a thumb off, and so they are sent away to the wolf wilders. They teach the wolf how to be wild again, and so they can be released into the wild and live life properly. But, completely oblivious to the tsar, a man, general Mikal Rakov, is out to hunt Feo and her mother, for the wolves are apparently killing wildlife. They are given a warning as a consequence of the wolves. A new wolf arrives, whom Feo tries to wild, but finds out the wolf (named Tenderfoot) is pregnant. Meeting a boy called Ilya, the wolf goes into labour and gives birth to a wonderful pup. But they are discovered, and Feo’s mother is taken away to prison, Tenderfoot shot. Feo needs to get her mum back by the time her trial takes place, but will she do it? Read the book and find out!

    I loved this book, and rated it 10 out of 10

    With wonderful illustrations by Gelrev Onviko, why not give it a go?

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  5. Alexander Mitchiner says:

    A review by Alexander Mitchiner

    This is a unique book filled with the wonders of the snowy Russian countryside. I loved this book and really recommend it to any book lovers out there in the world. In this book we join twelve-year-old Feodora on a journey to find and take down the evil general Rakov. This book really touched my heart and made me want to jump head first into the depths of the world of imagination. Many people think that cats are better, some people think that dogs are better, but very few believe wolves are better and this is where Feodora comes in. She is a deep believer in wolf wilding and does anything to save/wild them. That’s one of the most interesting things about this book.

    ‘A one of a kind’- Me

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  6. Rosamund Turner says:

    I really enjoyed reading Wolf Wilder as i have with many other books by Katherine Rundell. I thought Wolf Wilder was a beautiful book where we got to know the characters really well. I thought the whole idea around the book was really good and the mystery and determination was brilliant. You became really close to the characters and the wolves as well. I would highly recommend this book and give it a 10/10.
    Rosamund Turner The Charter School East Dulwich

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  7. Will Spedding says:

    Will Spedding
    A very original book with a great storyline. Just maybe a bit too much messing about in the middle
    Dulwich Prep London


  8. Will Spedding says:

    9.5/10 strong and original plot, fun and exciting.Great if you enjoyed Rooftoppers. For the win!!
    Will Spedding


  9. Junayd Saeed
    Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich
    I think that the Wolf Wilder is a very time consuming book. It is sorrowful as well as exciting. It is also a page-turner. Ilya is my favorite character because he helps Feo even though he is on the opposing team. He also puts himself in places of danger and takes big risks such as stealing pies from the army cabin. I would say that page 80 and 81 clearly show the features of the genre of this book.

    Rating 7/10

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  10. korede from harris boys academy east dulwich says:

    Akorede Adeyemi
    Harris Boys East Dulwich
    It was awesome!!! I loved wolf wilder by Katherine Rundell.It relates to people who want to protect wild animals and the book its self has a great back story. my favorite characters is Alexies. he is a very mentally strong character and is very protective


  11. Hassan Nasir says:

    I think the wolf wilder is a very interesting book. it is so exciting. It’s tells you about the story of a wolf. it’s all about friendship. If you read page 81 and 82 it’s tell you the key features of the book.


  12. charterlibrary2016 says:

    Mia, Charter School
    I really enjoyed the wolf wilder it was an amazing book. I was gripped right from the start, and the action started only two pages into the book, after that you can’t put it down. It is about a girl who is friends with wolves and loves them to bits but then an evil man called Rakov kidnaps her mother and Feo has to be as brave as she can to get her back. Though she is not on her own, her newly made best friend is there to keep her company, and of course the wolves. It is a heart breaking story which is constantly keeping you on the edge of your chair. I would definitely recommend reading it, I loved it.
    I would give it 9 out of 10.


  13. Hamza says:

    Very touching; I loved the revenge part and I was about to cry when the mother was taken. It isn’t my favourite book but it did make me think it would be really cool to be friends with a wolf.



  14. Michella says:

    Michella from Notre Dame wrote:
    This book was great and original. My favourite part was the little ballet boy as that was a very nice touch to the book . I give this book a 8/10


  15. luca kemp says:


    dulwich prep

    this is a very meaningful and strong book and i think that it’s great beacause it’s a real page turner and get’s you thinking


  16. Lola Sky says:

    This book got off to a slow start but as you get into it it gets better and you really feel the emotion coming through. I can relate to the characters and the storyline is well written. However, towards the middle you get lost and I had to start again several times. Overall it was pretty good though and I loved the overall plot of it.



  17. Gwyn Keogh-Peters says:

    It is a great book with a nice plot which touches your heart. It has a unpredictable plot as you expect her mum to die at the start. It has some strong characters like grey but serge is my personal favourite. And i love how Ilya is a Ballet Dancer it is quite heart warming. On the other hand rake is a mean tough character who happily dies 😀


  18. Conan Steel says:

    I loved wolf wilder because it was very emotional and really made me think thoroughly about it. I liked the way it was written and I also liked the story itself. Out of the three that I have read wolf wilder gets my vote. 9/10


  19. Martin Capello Buisan says:

    It’s great. The bad guy, Rakov is great and the descriptions make you think that you’re actually in Siberia. Feo is a vibrant character and with the help of Black, Grey, White and her friend Ilya storm the prison. 9.5/10☻


  20. Olivia-Mary, Notre Dame RC Girls’ Secondary School, Southwark, London – Year 7

    The Wolf Wilder is about a youthful intelligent girl – Feodora (Feo). She lived with her mother in quite a poor house in the woods. She never knew her father. Her job was to un-tame the wolves sent to her – but that didn’t last for long. Her house was burnt down and her mother taken away by Rakov. I find this book: adventurous, enjoyable and whole-hearted. All the characters individual and versatile emotions, from Feo to Ilya were very unique which makes the book a real page-turner. The plot was clear and was never discreet and gave me such clarity in vivid imagery (… something I always look forward to in a novel). I love how the morale is linked to a real-life situation that happens quite often: “NEVER STOP TRYING HARD TO REACH A GOAL, BE OPTIMISTIC, HAVE PERSEVERANCE ALWAYS ( even when your house is burned down and your mother is separated from you by a man named Rakov) “. I was quite astonished to how Feo wasn’t that traumatized with all that happened – she took the situation on the shoulder in comparison to those even older than her! Katherine Rundell certainly must have known what she was doing in the book considering the fact that she showed us that teamwork and unity benefits us and that being alone and boastful doesn’t get you that far. Well done to you Katherine Rundell!

    I rate this book a wolfy 10/10 – aimed to the readers out there who like a fairytale like and roars-all-round novel!


  21. luca kemp says:

    #Luca Kemp (again)

    i really enjoyed this book and i thought that the description was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing because you can easily picture every little part of the book in your head, even if you’re terrible at being imaginative

    in this book feodora is sent on a dangerous quest through the woods with her newfound friend ilya helps her.
    but along the way they are lucky at some points that they find ”civilisation” but also have to watch out because evil general Rakov is after them looking for revenge


  22. Iris says:

    charter school east Dulwich
    the wolf wilder is a beautifully written book with a great story line and a message of perseverance and strength. many people have said the book has unnecessary content in the middle I just think that is just the effect and the beauty that sucks you in and involves you in the story.


  23. Alex Gilbert @dulwichprep says:

    i really enjoyed this book in particular it was exciting and a good page turner. i loved other than a slow start i would rate it 9/10


  24. Luke Zaleski says:

    WOW! I really enjoyed this book. I really liked how the book took me through the story at a steady pace and it had a great plot 8.5/10


  25. Jacob popoff says:

    The Wolf Wilder was an execellent book and even though it was not as interesting as some other books I found it had a stronger plot.
    This book is about a girl called Feodora who lives with her mother in Russia. Their job is to take in wolves that are rejected by rich people and are sent to various wolf wilders around the country to learn to live in the wild. Then a Russian soldier called Ilya helps her rescue her mother from the clutches of Rakov.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Atinuke Babalola oh my daze i love this book because it touched my heart when i started reading this book i couldn’t stop reading i was so attached to it like i was in the book the book wolf wilder is about a 12 year old girl could Fedora (feo)for short her mum i a wolf wilder if your wondering what that is it is someone that trains wild wolves well for them to be wild again.The is this evil man could Rakov well he threatens feo’s mum marina that if the don’t kill the wolves he would send his guards to kill them.One day a man brought her a wolf and she named it thunder-foot later on she went wolf wildering but unfortunately a soldier older than her found her is name was ilya but suddenly tenderfoot droped and started howling then feo helped her give birth to a pup tenderfoot was pregnant. Ilya just watched because feo said that tenderfoot didn’t wan’t him to come close but one tday tenderfoot was shot by one of the soldiers and feo was not happy you could imagine way she even said she would kill the person that killed tenderfoot but feo didn’t stop the she continued with tree other wolfs called white,black and grey.But unfortunately grey the bravest animal feo knew was shot and i cried two or more time during this story feo was so upset now she was out for blood just kidding but that’s how angry feo was then they stayed at someones house for the night and went to save feo’s mother marina when the battle finished feo keeped black and white Ilya became a dancer i think and i rate tbhis book 10/10 i loved it i hope you will


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